Pouch making machine

For nearly 25 years and in partnership with C2L, APAR has been designing pouch making machines for the most renowned producers of sterilisation pouches and reels for medical applications. Developed within APAR, our pouch making machines are fully designed to produce pouches with high quality of sealing and constant peelability during all the production.

APAR - Machine de fabrication de sachets et gaines sur mesure - Pouch making machine - APM

A pouch machine to suit your needs

With a system of racks, different modules can be installed and automatically moved depending on the choices of production :

  • Longitudinal and / or transversal cutting system (production of pouches or sleeves)

  • CNC sealing platen with an effort of 15 tons

  • Punching system or online printing system on the pouches

  • Simple conveyor system or with stacking system of pouches

Double unwinds

Double unwinds

A dual unwind (for upper and lower film) controlled by independent asynchronous motors used to configure and control the speed of unwinding of film rolls. Several rolls ensure the constant progress of the complex film and allow the proper tension between the reels and debtors.
 Sealing platen

Sealing Platen

In order to optimize the production and improve yields, APAR has developped a numeric sealing platen whose effort accuracy is configurable. All movements are provided by servo-motors with excellent repeatability of the process. A measuring chain provides effort values realised by the sealing platen throughout its production cycle.
 Infeeding system

Infeeding System

The mastery of a constant tension of the films from the beginning of unwinding to their transformation into pouches is one of the main characteristic of packaging solutions developed by APAR. Also available, a cutting system by motorized “scissors” ensures the format of pouches.

Type of pouches

With different combinations of accessories for APM Pouch Making Machine, lots of different format of pouches can be realized: flat or gousseted pouches or sleeves, chevron shapes, 2 or 3 sealed sides with single or double welding, type of punch… The films used are complex paper, Tyvek, PA / PP, PE, PET / PP … Depending on the desired pouch, detailed specifications will be realized.